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Meet increasing consumer demand for higher quality, less expensive, and more sustainable varieties of woodworking options, including exotic woods, with our smarter furniture adhesive technologies.

Recent VOC regulations and consumer awareness have resulted in a greater demand for new products that have low volatile emissions. Today's wood products are being manufactured with new composite materials and decorative surfaces that give customers more furniture choices with low emission ratings, including formaldehyde. One of the most common methods of bringing these materials together is with water-based adhesives.

With this movement in mind, H.B. Fuller has a designed a broad line of GREENGUARD certified adhesives that help manufacturers create, and help buyers identify, interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, thereby improving the quality of the air in which the products are used.

At H.B. Fuller, we have a long history of innovating tailored woodworking adhesive solutions. Our performance products are designed to solve problems, make manufacturing processes more efficient, and are used for a broad variety of applications including furniture, cabinet and countertops, flooring, windows, doors and panel assembly and lamination. Whether your woodworking product needs are for brand differentiation, regulation compliance, or to comply with building certification programs, like LEED, our full line of water-based adhesives are designed to bond a variety of materials with existing equipment and manufacturing processes.

Panel Lamination, Veneer Overlay and Assembly

Our comprehensive range of panel lamination and wood veneer adhesive products in water-based, hot melt moisture cures, hot melts and polyurethanes provides benefits that include efficiency, increased speed and capacity, and reduced space. Our products are fast-setting, fit for either hot press or cold press, and are available in both one or two component systems. For water-based lamination processes, we offer a full line of GREENGUARD certified adhesives for markets and customers that require low volatile products.

Edge Banding

Our edge banding adhesives bond to many substrates, as our hot melts were developed to run on many machine types at low to high speeds. Furthermore, our low temperature application adhesives may enable lower energy and maintenance costs.

Profile Wrapping

Our adhesives have been proven around the world to address even the most demanding profile wrap applications. From providing immediate high strength to consistent clean running products, H.B. Fuller’s hot melt and reactive hot melt adhesives provide the right solutions to address evolving customer demands.

Membrane Press

Our membrane press adhesive products include one and two component systems, fulfilling the market standards for heat resistance and bonding strength. Products are available for standard and high gloss foils.

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