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"I love how passionate and committed our employees are to our culture and purpose."

Since joining H.B. Fuller almost 20 years ago, our newly appointed Vice President of Human Resources, Nathan Weaver, has taken on several roles, including leadership positions in Sales, Product Management, and Human Resources (HR). With a strong belief in the value of people and a truly global mindset, Nathan has a keen sense of our teams and capabilities, and he has long been a key champion of our culture. Looking toward the future, we asked him about the most strategic topics for the HR organization.
H.B. Fuller Nathan Weaver Q. How would you describe the company culture of H.B. Fuller?
We have a vibrant culture that is built upon shared values and inspires people to be at their best. Our company purpose is an important part of this, and it drives us to connect with people inside and outside of our organization to solve problems for our customers. We believe that, when we work together and take informed risks, we create value for them and our stakeholders. I love how passionate and committed our employees are to our culture and purpose. This is a true strength and a big part of what makes us so strong in the market. 

Q. In 2019, the company realigned itself into three Global Business Units (GBU). What were the HR strategic focus areas to keep pace with this major transformation?
This new organization structure is driving growth and simplicity. Both elements of this purpose have implications for HR. Specifically, the HR team must understand the growth strategies of each GBU and then strategically align its programs and services to enable the execution of those same strategies. We also need to execute people processes in a highly efficient manner. This is made possible by clearly defined global processes and a well- defined approach to service delivery.

Q. With the workforce geographically dispersed across the world, how do you build a common company culture and a sense of community?
I believe that having a global workforce makes our work even more interesting and exciting. It is amazing to see how people with completely different backgrounds can come together with a common purpose. Consistent and clear communication is fundamental, and when we create clarity around strategy, goals and vision, it empowers and unifies our team. We’ve learned a great deal about community through the global pandemic. We connect readily and visibly with our team around the world. It makes a huge difference to see a person and hear them during an interaction or meeting. We must continue this long after the pandemic has passed.

Q. You have spent the bulk of your career on the commercial side of the organization. How does that influence you as the head of HR today?
I believe that my commercial background gives me a view into the challenges and opportunities within our business that will guide my leadership. I have a strong belief that solving customer problems better and faster than the competition is the essence of our growth plans. HR has a big role to play in making this happen. When we are confident that our ideas support the company’s ability to achieve growth, we will know to invest in HR programs supporting those ideas.

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