2019 Essence Award Winners for Outstanding Performance

2019 Leadership Forum for H.B. Fuller.

 Left to right: Ted Hong, KJ Oh, Wilson Ma (top row); Zuzana Tuso, Garrett Price (bottom row); Tommy Liu (not pictured)

The Essence Award acknowledges those who make high-impact contributions to our company and model for others the very best of our beliefs - The Power of Collaboration, the Spirit of Winning, and the Essence of Courage. 

KJ Oh, Ted Hong, Wilson Ma and Tommy Liu delivered game-changing results in the categories of innovation, customer intimacy, and profitable growth with one of our largest Engineering Adhesives customers. This team has collaborated exceptionally across many business units and has successfully delivered reactive hot melt adhesive solutions for a well-known worldwide cell phone brand. 

Zuzana Tuso and Garrett Price were recognized for their remarkable win at a major food and beverage multinational. The internal collaboration across North America and Europe to get the deal done was outstanding, and this team demonstrated great perseverance and excellent project management skills in making sure that all of the customer's sites were converted on time. 

David McDougall, Dan Su, Xue Yang, and Paul Fiero have worked closely across great distances and have demonstrated the right technology, expertise, and skills to win in the fast-growing renewable energy market. Together, they delivered high-performance, effective adhesives and sealants for one of the world’s largest thin film solar panel manufacturers and opened the door for many other innovation opportunities.

H.B. Fuller Essence Award Winners from 2019.

 Left to right: David McDougall, Dan Su, Xue Yang, Paul Fiero